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Funfair Rides

Pleasure Planet boasts the most extensive range of funfair rides in Ireland

McFadden Funfairs Pleasure Planet travels the country with Ireland's only travelling theme park bringing all the fun of the fair with the newest and most exciting funfair rides to children and families.

Have a look through the wide selection of our Funfair Rides!


Booster - G Force

This ride is forty four metres high and reaches speeds of 95 KPH. This ride is not for the feint hearted.    read more



Just recently brought in from Sweden. This ride has seats similar to a Waltzer however the spinning platform raises up to 30 degrees and the cars then spin. This is a very popular ride which caters for families. Capacity 40 persons.   read more

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Miami Ride - American Trip

Themed the American Trip, this ride is as popular as it is spectacular. This ride caters for passengers FROM 1.2M upwards. The capacity of this ride is 16 people however because of the quick loading and un loading of customers it rivals the higher capacity rides with its volume of people catered...   read more



 The TWIST  is still a firm favourite ride on the fair - great for families and loved by the thrill seekers it stands by its name ENERGY RUSH >>>>>>>>>>>>> Capacity 36 persons.   read more



A firm favourite with people of all ages. Height restrictions apply. Dimension 24mtrs x 14mtrs. The name of this attraction is Joy Riding. Capacity 40 persons per ride.   read more

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Las Vegas Funhouse

Two levels of fun with air jets, spinning discs, revolving g tunnel, and a labyrinth of effects throughout. It finishes with a tube slide to the bottom. The capacity is unlimited and the fun is guaranteed. Suitable for all ages.   read more

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The ultimate family ride. Unlike the Waltzer on this ride the cars do not spin but the hills are there to give a very pleasing experience. Capacity 88 persons.   read more


Techno Power

Again caters from eight years old and upwards. This ride raises up from its platform and revolves in three different movements simultaneously. Very thrilling. Capacity 24 persons.   read more



The Remix again rides people from 1.2m up This ride has very spectacular art work and a lighting package that is second to none.This is a ride that starts low then rises in a swirling fashion very popular with the thrillseekers  This is a pleasing ride also enjoyed by families. Capacity 36...   read more

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Freak Out

The Freak Out ride is our most popular attraction. We have had this ride from new since 2003 and each year business improves for this piece. The capacity is 16 persons however this ride has the ability to cater for the most customers per day than all of the other rides listed.   read more



The waltzer is still one of the most popular rides at the fair. This ride appeals to all ages, families and teenagers. This ride is the new generation in waltzers the appearance is much more attractive than the traditional wooden machines and a bigger thrill.  Because the machine is...   read more

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Kiddies Rides

Our kiddie rides include  Tea Cups...magical spinning cups...paying adults may accompany children. Kiddie Toy Rides..fantasy toy jets. Chair O Planes..old style favourite with the most modern flair. Inflatable slides.. Adrenalin Zone Activity Centre Formula 3000 track ride...from the train to...   read more

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